Pallets may seem very simple in appearance – a rigid platform that’s used as a base for shipping or storing goods. However, the truth is that there are actually hundreds of different sizes and kinds of pallets that are used worldwide. There’s actually no standard-sized pallet which fits all kinds of applications. Aside from that, there’s no standard material for pallets that are suitable for all certain types of applications too. That’s the reason why it can be very difficult and complicated to purchase pallets if you’re not knowledgeable on what certain pallet you should buy. Contact a professional for more information on how to find pallets for sale near me.

But, it’s important to bear in mind that the solution heavily lies on the intended usage of the pallet. Do you need wooden or plastic pallets to store or ship your goods? What’s the product’s weight? How durable does your pallet need to be? Where will you use the pallet or how will it function in your business? Or, maybe you’re simply want to buy pallets so you can use it on your upcycling projects or crafts? To help break these questions down, we have actually identified the most commonly searched words or terms on the web that’s related to the procurement of pallets and then provided necessary answers to every inquiry.

1. Where to Purchase Wooden Pallets

According to the experts, every day there are more than one billion pallets used in the US. And, 93% of these pallets are wooden. Pallets that are made from wood are actually used in different applications from storage to shipping to decoration and displays. But the question is, where you can be able to buy wooden pallets? Begin searching for a knowledgeable and experienced supplier of pallets who can go to your location as well as assess your business operations. This way, they can be able to determine the most cost-effective pallet material to use as well as to know right size of pallet you need for your shipping or storage needs.

Fortunately, there are reputable and experienced pallet service provider worldwide that can be able to provide standard as well as non-standard sized wooden pallets with the use of high-quality hardwood or softwood pallet materials, which are commonly used by a lot of big companies.

2. Where to Purchase Plastic Pallets

These kinds of pallets are highly reusable. However, the downside is that plastic pallets more expensive compared to wooden pallets. Because of that, only 2% of the plastic pallets are in circulation every year. But, it’s important to note that plastic pallets are quite ideal for businesses that operate in warehouses with closed loops or for certain organizations that have dual purposes in using pallets, like for store displays and storage or storage and shipping. Automotive, pharmaceutical and beverage industries usually prefer pallets that are made of plastic for these are moisture resistance and much more durable.

So, the next time you need pallets for your business, it’s best to identify whether you need a wooden pallet or plastic pallet first.